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When you're tight on time and require rebuilt or factory-new aircraft engines, count on Air Power Inc. to help. We have the specialized equipment you need in stock and ready to deliver immediately to ensure your aircraft can get back in the sky as soon as possible. We're proud to be Lycoming's largest global engine distributor and the preferred provider of Continental® aircraft engines. We carry a wide range of in-stock, ready-to-ship aircraft engines for sale from each at all times. Whether you need your new or rebuilt aircraft engines delivered locally or overseas, we provide quick and safe same-day shipping worldwide. Contact Air Power today at 800-247-7693 as these engines can be shipped worldwide same day!

Manufacturer Type Condition Serial Number
Continental TSIO520T1BR Rebuilt 1042908
Continental TSI0520AE3BR Rebuilt 1043434
Continental TSI0520T1BN New 1045399
Continental LTSIO360EB1BR Rebuilt 1046098
Continental IO550N43BN New 1046835
Continental IO550B1FN New 1047078
Lycoming TIO-540-AE2A Rebuilt RL-7365-61A
Lycoming O235N2C Rebuilt RL-18739-15


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With over 100 years of combined experience, our team understands the urgency of purchasing ready-to-ship new and rebuilt aircraft engines. If you need assistance finding the right airplane engines for sale, feel free to contact us. We're more than happy to help.

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Providing In-Stock, Ready-to-Ship Aircraft Engines at a Moment's Notice

As the global aviation industry continues its recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chains are still reeling, and many suppliers of new and rebuilt aircraft engines are facing a lot of uncertainty. Many aircraft engine accessories and airplane engines for sale online are often out of stock, while those available can be a challenge to acquire due to delivery and distribution issues.

However, at Air Power Inc., our selection of aircraft engines for sale is always in stock and ready to ship immediately. Thanks to our close ties with Lycoming and Continental®, we have access to factory-new, used and rebuilt aircraft engines available for purchase. That way, your aircraft won't stay grounded for months on end while you wait for your back-ordered items to arrive. With our tried and trusted network of professionals, your aircraft engine will arrive incident-free and on time for installation.

We Supply Airplane Engines for Sale at Fair Prices You Can't Beat

When you choose Air Power Inc., you're choosing in-stock airplane engines for sale at the best prices in the industry. We work hard to ensure every rebuilt and new aircraft engine is manufactured at the highest quality for the lowest possible price. It's simple. If you buy airplane engines from Air Power Inc., you get uncompromising quality, affordability, service and reliability.

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Don't let supply chain issues or high prices keep you from doing what you love. Browse our entire catalog of in-stock, ready-to-ship aircraft engines for sale to find the Lycoming or Continental® engine to match your make, model and flying needs today. If you have any further questions or need more details about our products, feel free to contact us for assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Rebuilt & New Aircraft Engines

At Air Power Inc., we know it can be challenging to shop for rebuilt and new aircraft engines online. You have a lot riding on this order, so it's best to get all the details before buying. The following are some helpful answers to our most frequently asked questions.

How Often Do Aircraft Engines Have to Be Rebuilt?

Piston-powered aircraft engines are incredibly reliable when properly maintained and flown regularly and correctly. Engine rebuild times and time between overhauls (TBOs) vary but typically run between 1,500 and 2,500 hours or every 12 years – whichever comes first.

What Is the Difference Between New and Rebuilt Aircraft Engines?

Technically, there's no difference between a new and rebuilt aircraft engine. Rebuilt aircraft engines may include original components that meet new engine tolerances and limits, have "zero time" logbooks and may also come with a warranty.

Is There a Recommended Oil for New and Rebuilt Aircraft Engines?

There is no one recommended oil for rebuilt and new aircraft engines. It all depends on where and how often you fly.

  • If you fly at least once a week or in a low-corrosion area such as the mountains or the desert, we recommend you use a multi-weight oil.
  • If you're based in a corrosive environment, such as within 100 miles of a coastline or a major metropolitan area, or you sometimes go two or more weeks without flying your aircraft, internal corrosion should be a concern. We recommend you use a single-weight AD oil for the best possible protection.
  • If you fly in a temperate climate, like much of California and Texas, you can use a single-weight oil all year round. However, if you operate in sub-freezing winter conditions, we recommend you switch to a multi-weight oil during the cold months, then return to a single-weight for the remainder of the year.

Should I Buy a New or Rebuilt Aircraft Engine?

When you buy airplane engines, you'll have the option to choose between factory-new and rebuilt engines. As there is little operational difference between rebuilt and new aircraft engines, this is entirely up to you and your financial capabilities.

29 OCT 2021

Why Should You Order Aircraft Parts & Engines Sooner Than Later?

Air Power, Inc. Is proud of our reputation for being the go-to supplier for quick turnaround orders on airplane parts and aircraft engines. However, recently, the United States continues to fall deeper into supply chain issues; many of which impact deliveries in our industry. It’s no surprise that the ease of our product delivery has taken a hit. Let’s take a closer look at the current supply chain situation and why your aircraft & engine repair business should order aircraft & engine parts from Air Power before an urgent need arises.

15 DEC 2021

Top Benefits of Financing an Airplane Engine Purchase

If your business responsibilities include providing airplane owners with engines and engine parts, you’ll need to make advanced investments to ensure you always have the necessary equipment on hand. We’ve been in the industry for decades and know that the flat-out purchase of a single airplane engine can be expensive. Now, multiply these financial needs by a dozen or so, and the prices really hit exorbitant levels.

14 JUN 2022

Continental Aerospace Technologies - Engine Break-In Instructions

When helping our customers purchase Continental aircraft engines, aircraft cylinders and speaking with those having their engine overhauled, we always return to Continental Manual M-0 for advice. While there are hundreds of break in opinions online and through the many shops in the country, we always stick to factory guidance and refer back to M-0. You should always print off a copy of M-0 (Section 7) before flying your aircraft with a new, rebuilt engine or fresh cylinders.