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AA48108-2 Tempest Oil Filters

Part Number: AA48108-2
Ready to ship: 12/9/2022
Currently no stock. Air Power is accepting pre-orders and when these filters are arrive, they will be shipped out in order of existing sales orders.
Wednesday, June 22, 2022

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Total Manufacturing Control - Tempest Spin EZ® filters are the only aviation oil filters made in a state of the art aviation oil filter plant built solely for, and dedicated to, the manufacture of aviation oil filters. Total process control helps ensure the highest standard of quality.

Features and Benefits

Magnetic Filtration System - The Tempest Spin EZ filter has more media area (311 square inches) than any other aviation oil filter. An internal magnet, designed to attract fine steel particles to small too small be caught by the filter media that can be harmful to the engine, effectively increases the filtration performance of the filter.

Six-pack Packaging
 - Tempest filters are available in popular “Six-Packs” as well as the traditional case of twelve. Six-packs are economical, convenient, and easy to handle.

Improved Nut Welds
 - Nut welds are so strong that the can will distort without breaking the welds! During production testing nuts are actually ripped away from the can - the base metal must fail, the welds must not.  Using Tempest Original filters means no more frustration with installation nuts falling off.

Improved By-Pass Valve for Continental® Engines - 
Meets TCM by-pass specification of 12-14 psi, reducing risk of premature bypass that can result in unfiltered oil flowing to your engine.

PC Housing (Patent Pending) - the only filter to incorporate a housing for the by-pass valve to prevent the restriction of the oil outlet should a failure of the by-pass valve occur.

Burst strength of 600 psi 
- Significant improvements to the roll seam process used on the bottom of the can substantially improved the design burst strength of the Tempest Spin EZ oil filter to over 600 pounds per square inch, exceeding the ARP 1400 standard by 50 percent. Extra strength gives added assurance that Tempest oil filters are made to withstand the harshest operating conditions.

Full Pleat Media - The resin-impregnated, cellulosic, full pleat media is designed for uniform flow and collapse resistance.  312 square inches is the most in aviation oil filters.

Spin EZ® Solid Lubricant 
- Tempest Spin EZ oil filter’s proprietary solid lubricant allows for easy removal of the filter. Unlike oil, grease or DC4 compound that leave the filter seemingly “bonded” to the engines mount pad, making it nearly impossible to remove, our Spin EZ solid lubricant wont extrude or squirt out from under the seal; allowing for removal without a fight.

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Currently no stock. Air Power is accepting pre-orders and when these filters are arrive, they will be shipped out in order of existing sales orders.

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