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Order Your Aircraft & Engine Parts With Air Power's Spreadsheet Import Tool
Order Your Aircraft & Engine Parts With Air Power's Spreadsheet Import Tool

Air Power Website Instructions

CSV Import Tool

One of the best features of the Air Power website is our CSV Import Tool. This allows you to upload large numbers of parts to your cart at a single time. 

Some notes:

  • File must be in CSV format.
  • File must use the header Sku for Part Number in Column A and Quantity in Column B.
  • Part number must be exact. For example, one should use LW-12345 not LW12345. Part numbers that do not match will be flagged and alerted to the customer.

Get to the CSV Import Tool three ways:

  1. Clicking an Empty Shopping Cart 
  2. Clicking on CSV Import from “My Account.”
  3. From a Shopping Cart with products already in it.

Download Complete Spreadsheet Instructions HERE!


Using the Multiple Parts Search Function
Using the Multiple Parts Search Function

Using the Multi Line Search Function

To constantly improve and add your aircraft and engine parts purchasing more seamless, Air Power has added multi line search capabilities to the all-new

There are three ways to access the Multi-Line Search:

  • Directly from the Home Page – Top Menu
  • From the “My Account” Page – Menu items on the left of the screen.
  • Simply Bookmark to your browser.

Using the Multi Line Search is Simple!

  1. Simply enter the first part number, followed by pressing “Tab” to proceed to the next line.
  2. Press “Search” – Note: If you need additional lines, you can add these items to your cart and then return to the Multi Line Search Page.
  3. Your results will be listed below the search button. Under each part, you will be shown the part number, description, picture and whether the part is in stock or not.
  4. If you wish to make a purchase, simply click “Add to Cart.” A box will come up allowing you to input the quantity. Adjust your quantity and click “Add to Cart.”
  5. From there, you can Checkout, View Your Cart, or Continue Shopping to add more items.
  6. Once finished adding items from the multi-line search, you can continue your checkout.