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Cessna (Textron Aviation) Service Bulletin Round Up - October 11th, 2021
Multiple published service bulletins from Textron Aviation this week.
Lycoming Releases SB645 - Connecting Rod Bushing Inspection

Lycoming released this service bulletin on September 24th, 2021 to inspect, remove, and replace connecting rods that could contain bushings that do not meet Lycoming's specifications.  Lycoming recommends that this bulletin be complied with within 10 hours of engine operation. 

A complete list of affected engines can be found in the downloadable service bulletin HERE.

Textron Aviation Releases G2000 Software Update for the Cessna TTx

Textron Aviation releases SEB-34-07 which updates the software on the Cessna TTx (T240) to version 1308.10. This allows for earlier, non-FIKI equipped TTx's to receive the lauded split PFD feature. A full list of changes include:

  • 60/40 PFD Functionality
  • Quicker Manual Transponder Mode Select
  • Allows Control Wheel Steering (CWS) to select a new Flight Level Change reference speed.
  • Adjustment to the Stall Warning Fail CAS message.
  • Prevents inadvertent resetting of the "Tach Time."

You can download a copy of the bulletin HERE. Textron estimates labor of 1.5 hours to complete the bulletin. A complete list of parts needed to accomplish the bulletin can be found here at These parts include: