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SK2003-14A Skybolt Cowling Mount PMA for J7444-14

Manufacturer: Skybolt
Part Number: SK2003-14A
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Skybolt Cowling Mount PMA for J7444-14
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SK2003 Series Engine Cowl Mounts - 

By Skybolt Aerospace Fasteners

The Skybolt SK2003 Series cowling mounts replace the OEM Cessna/Lord J444 Series mounts with full FAA-PMA and FAA TSO-C148 approvals. the SK2003 mount is now the preferred mount for the world's largest flight school and is a feature on aircraft worldwide! Skybolt's generation IV mounts have evolved as the flight school proven best ever mount on the market for strength and lasting durability. Skybolt's exclusive 100% stress test inspection ensures that each and every mount will go the distance without transferring unwanted stress to the airframe components or firewall.

An FAA 8130-1 is included on all mounts


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