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IO-520-A,  -BB-CB-D,  -E-F-J-L-MB  |  LTSIO-520-AE  |  TSIO-520-AE,  -AF-BB-BE-C-CE-ETSIO-520-EB-G-H-M-NB-P-R-T-UB-VB-WB  |  GTSIO-520-H-L-M

What do you say about an engine family that ranges in power from 285 hp all the way to 375 HP? Innovative? Versatile? Amazing? How about all of the above? Continental® introduced the first 500 series engine to the world in the Beechcraft® Bonanza and the Cessna® Centurion in 1964. The 500 series includes both 520 and 550 cubic-inch models in either naturally aspirated or turbocharged configurations.

Financing is available from the Van Bortel Finance Corporation for all new and rebuilt Continental® engines for sale at Air Power Inc.


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