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Continental IO-520-F Engines

IO-520-A,  -BB-CB-D,  -EIO-520-F-J-L-MB  |  LTSIO-520-AE  |  TSIO-520-AE,  -AF-BB-BE-C-CE-E-EB-G-H-M-NB-P-R-T-UB-VB-WB  |  GTSIO-520-H-L-M

For pilots looking to improve their flying experience, the Series 500 Continental┬« IO-520-F offers an excellent combination of performance and reliability. Its 300 hp output ensures that your aircraft has the power it needs for smooth, efficient operations, whether taking off, cruising or landing. Pick up a Continental┬« IO-520-F for sale here at Air Power Inc. and fly with confidence. 


Financing is available from the Van Bortel Finance Corporation for all new and rebuilt Continental® engines at Air Power Inc.


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