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Airplane Tires

Airplane tires are vital in keeping your aircraft rolling smoothly during take-off and landing. That's why at Air Power Inc., we proudly offer a complete range of aircraft tires for general aviation aircraft of all makes and models sourced from the industry's finest manufacturers. Pilots and mechanics can rely on us to provide top-rated plane tires at unbeatable prices. We don't just land great deals; we help you soar high without breaking the bank. When it's time to touch down or take off, trust Air Power Inc. to deliver the exceptional airplane tires you need.

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Safety and Piece of Mind: The Importance of Quality Airplane Tires from Air Power Inc.

To ensure the safety of pilots and passengers, the importance of reliable airplane tires from Air Power Inc. cannot be overstated. These aren't just any tires; they're the foundation of safe takeoffs and smooth landings. At Air Power Inc., we understand this critical need, which is why we offer a diverse selection of tires designed for general aviation aircraft. It's about ensuring safety from the ground up, making sure pilots and their passengers can trust in the quality beneath their feet.


Discover Our Range of Aircraft Wheels and Tires 

If you own airplanes, you know the importance of having high-performance airplane tires. Air Power Inc. takes pride in offering an unparalleled selection of airplane wheels and aircraft tires. Our catalog is designed to meet the varied needs of general aviation, with options for every make and model. Quality is at the heart of our selection, featuring products from trusted manufacturers.

Discover the perfect fit for your aircraft from our extensive range:

  • Standard and reinforced tires for training aircraft
  • High-performance aircraft tires for business jets
  • Lightweight wheels for sport planes
  • Durable options for utility and cargo planes

For more details on our full selection of solutions for your aircraft, visit our Aircraft Engine Parts page.

Airplane Tires


FAQ About Airplane Tires

When it comes to purchasing aircraft tires for sale, we know you have questions. Air Power Inc. is here to provide the answers, ensuring you make the best choice for your aviation needs.


How Do I Choose the Right Tire for My Aircraft?

Selecting the right tire involves considering your aircraft's specific needs, such as its model, typical flight conditions, and tire specifications outlined in your Pilot's Operating Handbook (POH). The POH details the required tire size and ply rating, which are crucial for ensuring the tire can handle the aircraft's load efficiently. If your aircraft allows for specialty tires, like those used on bush planes, be aware these might affect airspeed. It's essential not to deviate from these specifications without proper authorization, as unapproved tires or ply ratings can lead to unexpected performance issues. Our team is always here to provide guidance and help you find the tire that best suits your requirements.

Are These Tires Compatible With Any Aircraft?

Aircraft tire compatibility varies significantly, with each tire listing providing detailed information about which aircraft models it fits. Since airplane tires are approved under the FAA’s Technical Standard Order (TSO) system, it's vital to match the tire to your aircraft's specific needs as indicated in its maintenance manual or POH. If there's ever any doubt or you need further assistance, our knowledgeable staff can guide you through selecting the right tire, ensuring a perfect match for your aircraft​.

How Often Should I Replace My Aircraft's Tires?

The frequency of tire replacement depends on several factors, including usage, wear, and regular inspections. It's vital to inspect your tires frequently, particularly after challenging landings, for signs of wear such as cuts, bulges, or excessive tread wear. Manufacturers sometimes specify minimum tread depths for replacement. As a general rule, if the tire tread has been worn to the base of any groove or if the inner fabric structure is visible, it's time for a replacement. Ensuring your tires are in top condition is crucial for safety and performance​.

Trust Air Power Inc. for Your Airplane Tire Needs

When it comes to sourcing aircraft wheels and tires, there's no better choice than Air Power Inc. Our commitment to quality and vast selection ensures that every general aviation enthusiast finds exactly what they need. From the latest in tire technology to the classics, we offer parts from leading manufacturers backed by our expertise in aviation. Choose us for unmatched quality and service in the aviation industry.