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Air Power has 1000 of Cylinders from Continental, Lycoming & Superior, In Stock, Ready for Immediate Shipment!

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658815A2 Continental CYLINDER & VALVE ASSEMBLY

Part Number: 658815A2

15 in stock - New

Loaded cylinder & valve assembly for Cirrus SR22 engines, including the IO-550-N, IO-550-P & IO-550-R.

655479A8 Continental CYLINDER

Part Number: 655479A8

On Backorder - New


658810A3 Continental CLY & VALVE LOADED

Part Number: 658810A3

60 in stock - New

IO-550-A, B & C

05K22680 Lycoming KIT CYLINDER

Part Number: 05K22680

On Backorder - New


05K23038 Lycoming KIT CYLINDER

Part Number: 05K23038

On Backorder - New

O-235-N2A, -N2C, -P1, -P2A, -P2C, P3C (high compression) (Narrow Deck)

05K21102 Lycoming KIT CYLINDER

Part Number: 05K21102

On Backorder - New

Various Lycoming cylinders are under an industry wide shortage. Air Power currently has thousands on order with lead times ranging from 30 days to 12 months. Orders placed today will be assigned the next available "position." We recommend not waiting until you are AOG; it is best to get your order in early. Please place your order today, or call us for more information. IO-360-B1A, -B1B (high compression) (Narrow Deck) O-360-A, -C (high compression) (Narrow Deck) HO-360-A1A, -B1A, -B1B HIO-360-B1A (high compression) (Narrow Deck) O-540-A, -F (high compression) (Narrow Deck) O-540-E1A, -E4B5, -E4C5, -G1A5, -G2A5; IO-540-C, -D4A5, -D4B5, -N1A5 (high compression) (Narrow Deck)