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Whelen Aerospace Technologies represents a rich history in technological innovations and is now positioned as the global leader in the aerospace lighting market. For over 65 years, we’ve had exceptional milestones that demonstrate our dedication to constant innovation, and we’ve never been more excited for the future.

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LSM-500-066-5 Whelen BOOM BEAM HID LIGHTS, 28V 85W

Part Number: LSM-500-066-5

In stock - New


01-0410823-00 Whelen CONNECTOR KIT, 3POS, SOCKETS

Part Number: 01-0410823-00

In stock - New


01-0790340-04 Whelen LED WINGTIP STROBE, 28V, RED

Part Number: 01-0790340-04

In stock - New

Wingtip Strobe/LED Position, Red, 28V, RFI Shielded

38-0250429-00 Whelen GASKET, RFI SHIELDED

Part Number: 38-0250429-00

In stock - New


01-0770019-18 Whelen HEAD STROBE, RED

Part Number: 01-0770019-18

In stock - New


01-0790325-01 Whelen LED WINGTIP ANTICOLL 28V GREEN

Part Number: 01-0790325-01

In stock - New


01-0790724-17 Whelen LED ANTI-COLLISION, 5 HOLE LWR

Part Number: 01-0790724-17

On Backorder - New


01-0771080-55 Whelen LED BEACON 14V 3.75 IN ADAPTER

Part Number: 01-0771080-55

In stock - New


01-0771774V02 Whelen LIGHT: TAIL,CLR LED,28V, OR500

Part Number: 01-0771774V02

In stock - New


34-0041987-02 Whelen LAMP, SNAP- IN, 28V, 35W

Part Number: 34-0041987-02

In stock - New


34-0050655-01 Whelen TAXI LAMP, 250W

Part Number: 34-0050655-01

In stock - New


38-0230840-00 Whelen GASKET 2.5 DIA .030 THICK

Part Number: 38-0230840-00

In stock - New