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Shop Continental® aircraft engines from the preferred engine distributor of Continental Aerospace Technologies™, Air Power Inc. Thanks to our outstanding relationship with the company, we have Continental® engines for sale at the best prices and lead times of any distributor worldwide. Our expertly trained Continental® engine sales specialists are always available to answer customer questions regarding new Continental® aircraft engines. Air Power Inc. also carries a full line of Continental® aircraft engine parts and cylinders, many of which are ready to ship the same day! Place your order for a new Continental® aircraft engine today. We integrate core return management, offer low-cost shipping, provide excellent warranty management and offer Continental® engine financing for the best buying experience possible.

Financing is available from the Van Bortel Finance Corporation for all new and rebuilt Continental® engines for sale at Air Power Inc.

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I0360GB2BN Continental Engine - NEW IO-360-GB2

Part Number: I0360GB2BN

Out of stock

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I0550D13BN Continental Engine - NEW IO-550-D13

Part Number: I0550D13BN

Out of stock


I0550D15BN Continental Engine - NEW IO-550-D15

Part Number: I0550D15BN

Out of stock


I0550E6BN Continental Engine - NEW IO-550-E6

Part Number: I0550E6BN

Out of stock


I0550C49BN Continental Engine - NEW IO-550-C49

Part Number: I0550C49BN

1 in stock - New


I0520BB6BN Continental Engine - NEW IO-520-BB6

Part Number: I0520BB6BN

Out of stock


LTSI0360KB6BN Continental Engine - NEW LTSIO-360-KB6

Part Number: LTSI0360KB6BN

Out of stock


I0550N70BN Continental Engine - NEW IO-550-N70

Part Number: I0550N70BN

Out of stock


TSI0520VB10FN Continental Engine - NEW TSIO-520-VB10FN

Part Number: TSI0520VB10FN

Out of stock


TSI0520VB9FN Continental Engine - NEW TSIO-520-VB9FN

Part Number: TSI0520VB9FN

Out of stock


LTSI0360EB1BN Continental Engine - NEW LTSIO-360-EB1

Part Number: LTSI0360EB1BN

Out of stock


TSI0360EB1BN Continental Engine - NEW TSIO-360-EB1

Part Number: TSI0360EB1BN

Out of stock


I0550C1FN Continental Engine - NEW IO-550-C1FN

Part Number: I0550C1FN

Out of stock


I0550F20BN Continental Engine - NEW IO-550-F20

Part Number: I0550F20BN

Out of stock


I0550B89BN Continental Engine - NEW IO-550-B89

Part Number: I0550B89BN

Out of stock


I0550N7BN Continental New IO-550-N7 for Cirrus SR22

Part Number: I0550N7BN

Out of stock


TSI0360LB1BN Continental Engine - NEW TSIO-360-LB1

Part Number: TSI0360LB1BN

Out of stock


I0550B1FN Continental Engine - NEW IO-550-B1FN

Part Number: I0550B1FN

Out of stock


I0550N41BN Continental Engine - NEW IO-550-N41

Part Number: I0550N41BN

1 in stock - New


I0550D27BN Continental Engine - NEW IO-550-D27

Part Number: I0550D27BN

Out of stock


GTSI0520M1BN Continental Engine - NEW GTSIO-520-M1

Part Number: GTSI0520M1BN

Out of stock

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GTSI0520M2BN Continental Engine - NEW GTSIO-520-M2

Part Number: GTSI0520M2BN

Out of stock


LTSI0360RB5BN Continental Engine - NEW LTSIO-360-RB5

Part Number: LTSI0360RB5BN

Out of stock


GTSI0520L1BN Continental Engine - NEW GTSIO-520-L1

Part Number: GTSI0520L1BN

Out of stock


TSI0520R9BN Continental Engine - NEW TSIO-520-R9

Part Number: TSI0520R9BN

Out of stock


I0550D24BN Continental Engine - NEW IO-550-D24

Part Number: I0550D24BN

Out of stock


I0550N47BN Continental Engine - NEW IO-550-N47

Part Number: I0550N47BN

Out of stock


GTSI0520L2BN Continental Engine - NEW GTSIO-520-L2

Part Number: GTSI0520L2BN

Out of stock


TSI0360RB5BN Continental Engine - NEW TSIO-360-RB5

Part Number: TSI0360RB5BN

Out of stock


TSI0520WB3FN Continental Engine - NEW TSIO-520-WB3FN

Part Number: TSI0520WB3FN

Out of stock


TSI0550C20BN Continental New TSIO-550-C20 for Columbia & TTx

Part Number: TSI0550C20BN

Out of stock


TSI0550C14BN Continental Engine - NEW TSIO-550-C14

Part Number: TSI0550C14BN

Out of stock


TSI0550G5BN Continental Engine - NEW TSIO-550-G5

Part Number: TSI0550G5BN

Out of stock


TSI0550K1BN NEW TSIO-550-K1 for Cirrus SR22T

Part Number: TSI0550K1BN

Out of stock


TSI0550E18BN Continental Engine - NEW TSIO-550-E18

Part Number: TSI0550E18BN

Out of stock


TSI0550N1BN Continental Engine - NEW TSIO-550-N1

Part Number: TSI0550N1BN

Out of stock


0200A48BR Continental Engine - REBUILT O-200-A48

Part Number: 0200A48BR

Out of stock


0470L32BR Continental Engine - REBUILT O-470-L32

Part Number: 0470L32BR

Out of stock


0470R25BR Continental Engine - REBUILT O-470-R25

Part Number: 0470R25BR

Out of stock


0470R76BR Continental Engine - REBUILT O-470-R76

Part Number: 0470R76BR

Out of stock


I0550N55BN Continental Engine - NEW IO-550-N55

Part Number: I0550N55BN

Out of stock


I0550C71BR Continental Engine - REBUILT IO-550-C71

Part Number: I0550C71BR

Out of stock


TSI0520M7BR Continental Engines (Rebuilt)

Part Number: TSI0520M7BR

Out of stock


I0360ES25BR Continental Engines (Rebuilt)

Part Number: I0360ES25BR

Out of stock


I0360KB7BR Continental Engine - REBUILT IO-360-KB7

Part Number: I0360KB7BR

Out of stock


Rebuilt I0360ES16BR Continental Engine

Part Number: I0360ES16BR

Out of stock


I0360ES27BR Continental Engines (Rebuilt)

Part Number: I0360ES27BR

Out of stock


LTSI0360KB6BR Continental Engine - REBUILT LTSIO-360-KB6

Part Number: LTSI0360KB6BR

Out of stock


The Preferred Provider of Continental® Engines Since 2018

Continental Aerospace Technologies™, headquartered in Mobile, Alabama, has been a global leader in general aviation piston aircraft engines for over 115 years. Continental® aircraft engines are synonymous with excellence, reliability and innovation. Air Power Inc. is proud to be the largest provider of Continental® engines and engine parts worldwide — and their preferred distributor since 2018. We carry an extensive range of gasoline and Jet-A engines to serve OEMs, flight schools, fleet customers and pilots across the globe and help keep their aircraft in top condition year-round. Whether you need Continental® engine parts or factory-new/rebuilt Continental® engines, Air Power Inc. can help you keep your aircraft in operation at the lowest prices in the industry.

Buying Continental® Aircraft Engines Has Never Been More Accessible

Air Power Inc.'s trained team of Continental® sales experts makes purchasing Continental® engines easier. As the preferred distributor of new and rebuilt Continental® engines worldwide, we work directly with the folks at Continental Aerospace Technologies™ to ensure you're getting the best deal for your investment. We integrate core return management, low-cost shipping, warranty management and engine financing on all the Continental® aircraft engines for sale in our inventory.

Our Continental® Engine & Parts Specialists Are Here for You

Air Power Inc. maintains a trained team of Continental® engine and Continental® engine parts specialists to assist you in all things Continental®. With over 100 years of combined experience, our specialists are experts on every Continental® aircraft engine for sale in our inventory. Whether you have questions regarding the intricacies of engine adaptation to a particular airframe or need more information about available customizations for your airframe and Continental® engine combination, the team at Air Power Inc. is here for you.

We Have Continental® Engines for Sale in Four Series Builds

We're confident we have Continental® aircraft engines for sale to meet your general aviation aircraft's power and performance requirements. We carry four different Continental® engine series builds ranging from 100 to 375 HP, straight from the factory in Mobile, Alabama. Take a closer look at our series build offerings and their unique Continental® engine specs below.

What Is the List of Continental® Engines You Offer?

Our complete Continental® engine list includes 28 unique engines. As mentioned, we separate series builds based on their Continental® engine specs. We can then divide series builds by variants that feature more refined Continental® aircraft engine specifications. For example, within the Continental® IO-360 engine build, you can choose a Continental® IO-360-C. This variant offers 210 HP at 2800 RPM, takes a minimum fuel grade of 100 or 100LL AVgas, uses a TCM 639231A3 fuel injector, includes accessory drive provisions and has two 6th-order dampers on the crankshaft. You could also choose a Continental® TSIO-360-LB, which features a larger throttle body and induction elbows, a relocated overboost valve, magneto pressurization and an exhaust muffler. The full Continental® engines list includes:

  • O-200: Featuring O-200-A, O-200-D and IO-240-B engines.
  • IO-360: Featuring IO-360-C, IO-360-DB, IO-360-ES, IO-360-GB, IO-360-HB, IO-360-JB, IO-360-KB, TSIO-360-CB, TSIO-360-EB, LTSIO-360-EB, TSIO-360-FB, TSIO-360-KB, LTSIO-360-KB, TSIO-360-LB, TSIO-360-RB, LTSIO-360-RB and TSIO-360-SB engines.
  • O-470: Featuring Continental® O-470-R, O-470-S, O-470-U, IO-470-L, IO-470-N and IO-470-U engines.
  • O-500: Featuring Continental® IO-520 and IO-550 engines in more than 45 variants.

Frequently Asked Questions: Continental® Aircraft Engines

We understand shopping for Continental® aircraft engines online can be a nerve-wracking experience – a lot rides on getting the perfect engine for your aircraft. We pride ourselves on being an engine distributor that aircraft owners and their mechanics trust, which is why we offer complete transparency in all our operations. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about Continental® aircraft engines.

How Much Does a Continental® Engine Overhaul Cost?

We can only accurately price a Continental® engine overhaul once we know your specific series build and variant. The cost of a Continental® engine's overhaul varies by product.

What Type of Continental® Aircraft Engine Parts Do You Sell?

Continental® engine parts for sale at Air Power Inc. include:

  • Cylinder & Valve Assemblies
  • Seat Valves
  • Washers
  • Gaskets
  • Bearings
  • Tubes
  • Springs
  • Riser Assemblies
  • & More

What Is Your Core Return Policy for Continental® Engines?

As a certified distributor for Continental Aerospace Technologies™, Air Power Inc. must mirror its core return policy. If you need to return Continental® aircraft engines, please adhere to the following:

  • Returned Continental® engines must be sent directly to Continental Aerospace Technologies™ and be identified with the distributor's name (Air Power Inc.), returned goods authorization number and engine core invoice number; the logbook entry for the aircraft from which your engine was removed must also be included.
  • If returned Continental® aircraft engines are determined to have missing parts, Continental Aerospace Technologies™ may accept the engine and reduce the applicable engine credit by the listed price for any missing part(s) at the time of engine receipt.
  • Any Continental® aircraft engines returned to Continental Aerospace Technologies™ that are damaged or worn beyond economical repair shall be subjected to reduced engine core credit or rejection.

Continental® Rebuilt vs. New Engines: Which Should You Buy?

There is little operational difference between new and rebuilt Continental® engines, so we recommend choosing whichever better suits your financial capabilities.

How Fast Will My Continental® Engine Be Shipped?

Air Power Inc. will provide customers with same-day shipping of in-stock Continental® aircraft engines if an order is received before 3 PM Central (US) time. Delivery dates depend on the shipping carrier, which Air Power reserves the right to choose unless otherwise specified by the customer.

What Type of Payment Is Accepted for Continental® Engines?

Continental® aircraft engines can only be paid for via wire transfer or business check drawn from a United States-based bank. Continental® engines must be paid for in full before shipment, regardless of the customer's account status.

When You Need Continental® Engines & Engine Parts, Look to Air Power Inc.

Air Power Inc. takes its status as the preferred provider for Continental® aircraft engines very seriously. It's our mission to offer Continental® engines for sale at the lowest possible price to every one of our customers. But more importantly, we strive to build long-term relationships with our customers based on trust, technical expertise and service excellence. Shop Air Power Inc. for Continental® engines today. If you need to talk with a Continental® engine sales expert about specifics, feel free to contact us anytime. We're ready to answer any questions and provide you with more information to ensure your satisfaction.

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