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As Continental Aerospace Technologies preferred engine distributor, Air Power® Inc. has a trained team of Continental® avgas engine sales experts. We are available to answer immediately all questions customers have on factory engine needs. Air Power® Inc. integrates core return management, offers low-cost shipping, provides warranty management, and offers engine financing. Air Power also carries a full line of Continental® cylinders & parts, many ready to ship same day! 

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Continental Engine - REBUILT IO-240-B32

Part Number: I0240B32BR
Diamond DA20

Continental Engine - NEW TSIO-520-CE1FN

Part Number: TSI0520CE1FN


Part Number: 0470U17BR

Continental Engine - REBUILT O-470-U30

Part Number: 0470U30BR

Continental Engine - REBUILT O-470-U31

Part Number: 0470U31BR

Continental Engine - REBUILT O-470-U18

Part Number: 0470U18BR

Continental Engine - REBUILT IO-520-F17

Part Number: I0520F17BR

Continental Engine - REBUILT IO-520-A43

Part Number: I0520A43BR

Continental Engine - NEW IO-550-R1

Part Number: I0550R1BN
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Continental Engine - NEW IO-550-G5

Part Number: I0550G5BN

Continental Engine - NEW IO-550-N19

Part Number: I0550N19BN
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Continental Engine - NEW IO-550-R3

Part Number: I0550R3BN
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