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Continental announced that they have designated Air Power® Inc. as a preferred distributor for Factory New and Factory Rebuilt engines. Air Power® Inc. will offer the full range of Continental® gasoline engines under a new contract signed between the two companies. Customers will be able to request quotes, engine customization, and place orders through direct links from the Continental® website and using dedicated phone lines. Read The Article Here!

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Model Legend
O = Opposed Cylinder
IO = Fuel Injected, Opposed Cylinder
TSIO = Turbo System, Fuel Injected, Opposed Cylinder
LTSIO = Left-hand Rotation, Turbo System, Fuel Injected, Opposed Cylinder
GTSIO = Geared, Turbo System, Fuel Injected, Opposed Cylinder

For specific information, please contact an Air Power representative at:

Air Power, Inc.
4900 South Collins
Arlington, TX 76018

Phone: 866-287-8537
Phone: 817-557-5857
Fax: 817-557-5858